Is a Market Crash Coming?

Is a Market Crash Coming?  That is the question on everybody’s mind and in the end, you must do your own research.  Don’t blindly trust what is written here, nor listen to people on Youtube, or the media channels.  What this post is designed to do is to document various research, along with links, from the last 3 months.  The culmination of all of these research threads have led me to the scary scenario resulting in a massive US stock market crash.  Frankly, I wish I was wrong but it looks to me like there is a market cash coming.

The majority of the content comes from this reddit link (click here) By Anonymous Poster


An ongoing battle between retail investors on reddit speculating on GameStop stock (and other “meme stocks”) and malicious hedge funds who are manipulating the stock market using counterfeit shares is about to come to a climax and uncoil a tightly-wound spring of debt, fraud, and corruption. The situation appears so dire that the mechanisms in place to control the debt that the malicious hedge funds have accumulated, should they default (get margin called), are not adequate and are about to fail. The government has taken notice and is signaling that they are about to close the loophole that allows for counterfeit shares and enforce the rules. Meanwhile, large financial institutions are propping themselves up for a major financial event that is rapidly approaching. This appears to be a financial event similar to the global financial crisis of 2008, or worse.

What’s Going on Here?

Before we dive in, let’s explain the core of the issue at play for this thesis. Some malicious hedge funds have been abusing poorly written rules and banking frameworks around short selling to inject counterfeit shares/securities into the markets. This is done via a practice known as Naked Short Selling. Essentially they are borrowing shares to pay back shares that they have borrowed, and are also abusing the options market to “reset the timer” for delivery of the shares. They do this to manipulate market prices with the help of the media collusion, government inaction, and other tactics (check out Confessions of a Paid Stock Basher in the supporting documentation). These malicious hedge funds short companies that appear to be fundamentally on the brink of bankruptcy, and attempt to play the “bankruptcy lottery” to maximize gains. Remember Toys ‘R’ Us? Today we’re focusing on GameStop (GME).


-In early 2020, reddit user DFV (Keith Gill, also known as DeepFuckingValue and Roaring Kitty) identified GameStop as a company with potential for a complete turnaround that already had momentum building them towards success. The hedge funds missed this. He posts his research on YouTube (Roaring Kitty) and his “YOLO” GME positions on reddit (WallStreetBets) regularly. High short interest in the stock is one of the main reasons for his long play on GME.

-Enter: businessman Ryan Cohen. He purchases a large stake in GME, gets on the board of directors, and is proposing changes. GameStop is about to be renovated into a successful e-commerce company like before he sold it to PetSmart.

-The price of GME steadily increases.

-Eventually the YOLO bet pays off for DFV and the reddit hype slowly builds up.

-The malicious hedge funds continue to deeply short GME and attempt to manipulate price by injecting massive amounts of counterfeit shares in the markets, “doubling down” on their bankruptcy bet in the process.

-President Biden nominates Gary Gensler for SEC chairman

-The January 2021 GME Short Squeeze begins. The stock briefly peaks above $500.

-Robinhood pauses trading on its platform for select securities, including GME. This effectively decapitated the short squeeze. Robinhood cited liquidity issues for the pause.

-Reddit eventually exposes Naked Short Selling scam but also speculates on whether GME was not the only security shorted

-GME price settles down to ~$40

-Further reddit research speculates that the hedge funds are still deeply short on GME. Some speculate that malicious hedge funds have been doubling down consistently on their GME short positions in order to fabricate more counterfeit shares during the run up to the squeeze to manipulate the price. In doing so they would have essentially dug themselves into a deeper hole and another larger short squeeze would be likely. Estimates vary, but many speculate that there are 5 to 10 times more counterfeit shares than there are real shares of GME. This is literally impossible to measure as far as I’m aware.

-In February, a US congressional hearing regarding the Robinhood shenanigans is held, and DFV is called to testify.

-After the hearing, DFV doubles down to 100,000 shares of GME, and people notice he still has an amazing $12 call for 50,000 more shares expiring on April 16.

-Reddit hype builds up again and GME gets to the $150-$200 range fairly quickly and ends up mostly stagnating there for over a month.

-Bag holders (mostly brokers, clearinghouses, and exchanges) on the naked shorts, should a hedge fund collapse with massive debt, start issuing SEC filings detailing rule change proposals that signal impending trouble (strengthening their “insurance policy” and rules regarding securities tracking and short selling)

-Reddit’s research now speculates that hedge funds are still manipulating the GME market price, but so are the institutional bag holders, because they have not gotten their rules in place to cover their asses yet.

-The SEC starts sending signals that they are tightening the noose on these loopholes and maybe shutting down the printer (I looked into this myself, that last part about slowing down the Federal Reserve has yet to be confirmed with actual official communications but I think that since the incoming chairman dealt with the 2008 crash he will probably want to rip the band-aid in favor of full reforms, based on my research on him.) The Office of the Whistleblower page on the SEC website really shows what I mean.

-Meanwhile, GameStop and Ryan Cohen continue to make moves towards success. They are pulling in some prime talent from Amazon and Chewy and are going all in on e-commerce. They have also cleared their debts, posted promising sales figures, updated their at-the-market equity offering program, plan on installing Ryan as chairman of the board, and are now in search of a new CEO. All of this is fueling more reddit hype for the stock.

-The annual meeting of shareholders is scheduled for June 9, with a record date which would put a share recall deadline on the brokers that is very close to DFV’s April 16 call expiry date.

-Lots of reddit research and speculation is done around these dates and whether they mean that hedge funds with short positions must cover their shorts. This includes lots of people posting their puts and call bets on WallStreetBets with expiry dates around those dates, and April 16 (DFV’s $12 call date)

-Reddit’s research eventually speculates that the bond market is also being injected with insane amounts of counterfeit US Treasury Bonds as a means to raise liquidity because “treasury printer goes brrrrrr” historically since 2008. Some even speculate that this has been going on since at least 2008. The theory here is that the US Treasury bond market is currently a bubble of counterfeit Naked Shorted bonds, just like GME. “Everything Short.”

-US Senate confirms Gary Gensler for SEC chair, who is now scheduled to be sworn in on April 17 2021

April 16 2021:

-DFV exercises his $12 call and doubles down again. He is now at 200,000 shares of GME. The “YOLO Update” is labeled as Final. This will further fuel the reddit hype.

-SEC issues a Public Statement “Staff Statement on Fully Paid Lending” signaling enforcement against those abusing the naked short loopholes starting April 22 2021. The statement indicates that this is the end of a 6 month grace period for the financial institutions in question to put measures in place to remain compliant before enforcement of securities lending rules.

-Meanwhile some of the big banks are announcing record-breaking bond sales, likely to raise liquidity to prepare while a few hedge funds like Archegos are going bust in spectacular fashion.

-April 17 2021: Gary Gensler is sworn in as SEC chairman.


Do your own research before forming your own opinion.

The majority of the US markets have switched from mortgage-backed CDOs (Collateralized Debt Obligations) to US Treasury bond-backed CLOs (Collateralized Loan Obligations) as their “foundation” following the 2008 financial crisis.

If GME short squeezes again, and the reddit research on counterfeit US Treasury bonds is accurate (especially the “Everything Short” theory), the second GME short squeeze may be so epic (think infinity squeeze similar to Vokswagen in 2008, but without Porsche intervening) that the protective measures in place at the time won’t be sufficient and will fail.

The Federal Reserve would have to intervene, causing the US Treasury bond bubble to pop. It’s also possible that the impending enforcement of securities lending rules by the SEC could pop the counterfeit US Treasury bond bubble on its own. The reddit research, or “DD,” on this is extensive and, in my opinion, of high quality, but has a large element of speculation due to the lack of transparency with official filings and market manipulation in play.

If the US Treasury bond does crash, it will take out the rest of the US markets, and possibly international markets, just like in 2008 when the US subprime mortgage crisis climaxed and triggered the global financial crisis.

The foundations of the US markets are built on a bubble of counterfeit US Treasury bonds that is about to pop, and reddit is the needle.

Supporting Documentation

Key evidence/research sites is in bold

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The YouTube video referenced has since been taken down, but the 2006 interview is up at as of April 18 2021. I have a hard copy saved as it frequently gets taken down by for copyright violation. The video does not appear anywhere on their site anymore. Jim Cramer is now a TV host for financial channel CNBC. Connect the dots.

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Further Research
Keith Gill (aka DFV, DeepFuckingValue, Roaring Kitty) the Legend Himself

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