Insider Strategies to Further Enhance Your Trading

Follow the Insider

Find out what company insiders are doing and copy them

Mergers Arbitrage

Take advantage of mergers and acquisitions and profit from inefficiences

Pharmaceutical News

Take advantage of the highly volatile nature of pharmaceutical stocks

Stochastics (Intraday Trading)

Using stochastics for your intraday trading activities

See What Other Traders are Doing

Figure out if other traders are buying or selling

Dynamic Hedging

Repair losing positions with dynamic hedging

Earnings Whipsaw

Make money on earnings announcements

Playing the VIX

Make money on volatility (VIX)

Master Unusual Options Activity

Analyze and take advantage of institutional traders and their positions

Strangle the Profits

Using strangle strategies to profit

After Hours Hedging

Hedge your positions even when the market is closed

Synthetic Covered Call

Perform Covered Call strategies without buying the stock

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