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Luxury Experience Package

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Why are there no coaching sessions in the Side Hustle?

We offer a complimentary assessment for anybody that works with us.  However, we usually charge a hourly fee for any consultations.

Which is better, Side Hustle, Luxury Experience, or Dream Chest?

With the 1:1 coaching sessions, the value is priceless because you get your questions answered. In terms of each level, here would be our expectations for you out of each level:

  • Side Hustle = Learn the basics of the stock market and start off with 3 option techniques to generate income
  • Luxury Experience = Learn 6 strategies to generate cash flow, enough for a luxury vacation
  • Dream Chest = Learn 12 strategies to have a solution for every situation and replace the income from your job

So, our answer is level 3 to be able to create a complete portfolio.

What are the times and dates of the classes, and what if I can’t make it?

The times of the classes will be set to best suit every timezone.  If you can’t make it, you can send your question in ahead of time, and we will answer it during the class.  When you are able, you can then listen to the video of the class. 

What if I want additional 1:1 coaching sessions?

You can add additional 1:1 coaching sessions at any time.  Just contact us for pricing.  We are also currently offering discounts on bulk session purchases.

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